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African Hunting with Link’s Wild Safaris

When you think of International Hunting you can’t help but think of The Dark Continent, home of The Big Five, is the ultimate destination for the hunter in pursuit of multiple species in one location.  Most hunters begin their African hunting quest traveling to the countries of Namibia or South Africa.  Link’s Wild Safaris offers very affordable hunt packages to these countries.  You can count on seeing an amazing amount of plains game in either country.  For the price of a trophy elk or deer hunt, you can get a 7-10 multi-species safari. Our outfitting partners are committed to providing you with a memory-making African safari complete with the finest accommodations.

One trip to Africa is nearly impossible.  Your first African hunt will only whet your appetite!  Now it’s time to step up to dangerous game.  A hunt for one of the meanest critters on the planet, the Cape buffalo, is next up for most adventurous hunters.  We offer hunts for Cape buffalo in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Zambia.  Cape buffalo flourish in regions that have bountiful game populations, allowing you the option of a combination safari.  Our next most popular African hunt is for leopard.  Leopard populations are booming in many of our hunting concessions.

This is an outstanding time to visit to Africa.  Every member of the Link’s Wild Safaris team has hunted in Africa!  We are looking forward to customizing your African safari, allowing you the opportunity to maximize your trip success.  Save yourself the stress and let our professional staff take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on your shooting skills and convincing your spouse how wonderful it will be to have a new “African” trophy room.

Listed below you will find may of the hunts we offer in Africa.  If you are searching for something not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our professional consultants.


Our you ready to plan your African Safaris?  Please contact our team via the form below or feel free to call Link’s Wild Safaris Team directly @ 715.466.5333.