Hunt Namibia with Link's Wild Safaris

Over the last decade the team at Link’s Wild Safaris has seen Namibia evolve into one of Africa’s most popular destinations.  That statistic is for good reason!  

Namibia is a destination for all hunters whether they are preparing for their first adventure to the dark continent or the trophy hunter who is seeking out the unique species of game offered in Namibia.  Excellent multi-species safaris start at under $6000.00!

Safari hunters in Namibia have several options when it come to safari hunting and Link’s Wild Safaris has three partners that offer very unique safari experience’s.  The fact is you one of our partners offers one of the only backpack style hunts in all of Africa!  Imagine spending days in the wilds of Africa pursing multiple species of game!  Sleeping under the stars with the noises of Africa all around you!  We also offer hunts on family farms and ranches that manage their game.  Lastly Namibia has vast, wild concessions spread out throughout the country that offer amazing free-range hunting.

In July of 2014 Link’s Wild Safari owner Jay Link embarked on his 28th safari to Africa!  This was Jay’s first trip to Namibia.  Jay was not let down!  Jay ranked this hunt as one of the best he had ever been on!  The highlight of the trip was taking an enormous male brown hyena!  Som professional hunters say the hyena is tougher to hunt than a cagy, old leopard.  

Speaking of leopard hunters will be hard-pressed to discover a better place to take a monster male leopard then wild Namibia.  A healthy population of big cats, combined with limited license’s, and plentiful prey have made Namibia a true, trophy cat destination!

Link’s Wild Safaris is ready to get you started on your Namibian Safari.  


Namibia is the destination if you are looking for the best value safari in Africa!  Stay tuned as we are currently negotiating some unbeatable packages.

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