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New Zealand Hunting with Link’s Wild Safaris


New Zealand holds a special place on the world travel circuit as a premier eco-tourism and outdoor adventure destination. New Zealand hunting always rates at the top of any hunters’ dream hunt list! It is also a great place for a relaxing holiday. This small, compact group of three elongated islands, stretching 1500km down the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, is home to just over 4 million people. The Link’s Wild Safaris team prefers the rugged beauty of New Zealand’s South Island.  The hunting is amazing and the scenery will take your breath away.

New Zealand has become a top destination for world hunters mainly for the massive red stags that grow here!  Nowhere on earth can a hunter find such amazing red stags!  If you love adventure you should try to come during the roar, which takes place in March and April.  If you have never heard a red stag roar, you’re going to be shocked, as he rears his head back and lets out an amazing sound very similar to a dominant male lion!  You will also be treated to the world’s most beautiful terrain.  This is where the trophy red stags call home, with green and amber waves of grassy ravines that lie on the bottom of beautiful, snow-capped mountains.

The next most popular species are the elusive tahr and chamois.  Populations of these two species are amazing!  They live in even more rugged terrain that is just as beautiful as the home of the red stags.  Be prepared to have your breath taken away by the hikes and the beauty as well! Both tahr and chamois make beautiful mounts.  Many clients say that the tahr hunt ends up being the one they enjoyed the most.

Why wait?  Please review all of our New Zealand hunting adventures with Link’s Wild Safaris. Our consultants are waiting for your call.

New Zealand’s Giant Red Stags!

Link’s Wild Safaris offers the very best in trophy red stag hunting in New Zealand. Our team prefers to hunt the Estates on the South Island. Many of our hunts take place in a rainforest! Stags have what it takes to grow big in these area! Want to hunt the biggest stags in the world?

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New Zealand Free Range Tahr-Best Value

This Link’s Wild Safaris Certified destination is geared towards the hunter that want to partake in one of the finest mountain hunts left in the World. We market hunts to Nepal and they cost 2-4 times this hunt! Prices are not going to go down as demand is steadily going up. We are availability during prime dates in 2016!

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Link’s Wild Safaris has you covered when it comes to custom hunts in New Zealand.  We will help you tailor a hunting adventure that will fit in your time frame, trophy objectives, and budget.  Please contact our team by filling out the form below or simply call the LWS team directly @ 715.466.5333.