Happy Fall 2017!


Just out of the Mountain’s from hunting in the largest GUIDE MANAGEMENT UNIT in Canada—I hunted about 150 miles by Cessna Float plane East of Whitehorse, Yukon Canada-10 days, Horseback, tents, snow, wind, rain…Great base camp, excellent outfitter & guides, plenty of game, REMOTE WILDERNESS!!

Hunting Buddy Lee Andersen & I both took nice Mountain Caribou to start off our hunt seeing around 150 caribou/per day.. The Mountain Caribou COMPLETED my “NORTH AMERICAN SUPER SLAM” or “NORTH AMERICIAN 29”..

I stuck around to continue hunting and took a HUGE Moose , and a Great Mountain Grizzly Bear ( The shot was at less than 12 yards in the Alders). The Moose were just starting to Rut so the action was intense!

The Outfitter we represent is one of the Best in the Business, HUNT the YUKON !! You will not be disappointed!!

-Jay Link

Argentina Waterfowl Scouting 2017!

Hard to believe the number of ducks call the Province of Entre Rios home!  Have a look at the video!


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