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 Wyoming Antelope Hunts

Pronghorn, or as we call them, antelope, are very exciting to hunt.  Being one of the most affordable hunts in the West antelope are sure to fit in anyone’s hunting budget.  Compared to trophy elk and mule deer, great antelope hunts are a fraction of the cost.  Many hunters begin their Western hunting experience by pursuing antelope.  Many hunters travel for the antelope but soon return to hunt other species.  When it comes to pronghorn hunting Wyoming is KING.  After Wyoming we like Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico.    Our team has the expertise and experience to arrange you pronghorn hunt.  We can have hunts in Wyoming that start at an affordable price of $1750.00.  If you prefer to chase B&C type goats we have those type of hunts as well. Please keep in mind we have many more hunts available then we have listed on our website so please contact one of our professional consultants before you arrange your hunt anywhere else.



Link’s Wild Safaris has numerous options  throughout the Western US. Please contact the Link’s Wild Safaris team directly @ 715.466.5333.