Black bear hunting is one of the most affordable hunts in North America, they tend to be one of our clients favorites.  You can choose to hunt using bait or in some areas spot and stalk methods are employed. 

Black bear hunting over bait is most often the hunt of choice for archery hunters.  This method allows you ample time to decide if a bear that comes in is one you would want to harvest.  In addition, a hunter can take the time to assess the size of the bear and be sure that the bear is a boar or a sow without cubs. These hunts take place mainly in high-density black bear hunting regions of the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  We offer both fly-in and drive-in hunts to these regions.  In Alberta hunters are allowed two bears on a hunt.  One other sleeper spot we hunt is Wyoming.  Big black bears and lots of color phases. 

For those that enjoy a more physical hunt, Link’s Wild Safaris will assist you in arranging the perfect spot and stalk style hunt.  Our spot and stalk hunts take place in Alaska and British Columbia. In Alaska we utilize boats to access the miles of shoreline that these big black bears come to feed at.  Some of the biggest bears ever taken where taken on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.  We have great outfitting partners with guide areas in the best hunting areas.

In Britsh Columbia the bear population is booming.  Many of our Spring hunters can expect numerous opportunities at trophy sized bears!

Success is very high, bears are big, and all in all these hunts are a great adventure.  Some of our hunts provide you the opportunity to take a second bear.  


Link’s Wild Safaris has several options of black bear hunts.  Please feel free to contact our team through the form below or call the LWS team directly @ 715.466.5333.