Link’s Wild Safaris offers the very best grizzly and brown bear hunting. Every member of our professional consulting staff has successfully taken a brown bear and or grizzly.  Also, we have sent numerous clients on successful hunts. We do such extensive research that we have been able to obtain a better than 80% success rate on grizzly and brown bear hunts.

We offer hunts in Alaska, British Columbia, and Russia.  We work with the top outfitters in all these areas. These hunts take place in both spring and fall.  In the autumn clients can combo brown bear/grizzly hunts with additional species such as moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and wolf.

In addition to hunting and booking trophy brown bear hunts, team member Jim Riley spent time guiding in Alaska for brown bear.  Jim guided in the seldom advertised trophy bear rich area named the Togiak Wildlife Refuge. We offer a limited number of hunts here every year. Success is near 100%!

Our team is continually researching new destinations, which when vetted will be listed on the site.  

Please feel free to contact us to find the right brown bear or grizzly hunt for you. You can reach Link’s Wild Safaris Manager directly at 406-580-4036.


Update October 2016:  We Are Updating Our Brown Bear/ Grizz Hunts.

Thanks For Your Patience

This is only a small sample of our brown bear and grizzly hunting opportunities.  Please click the link below to contact our team or feel free to call Link’s Wild Safaris Manager Jim Riley, 7-days a week @ 406-580-4036