Elk Hunts

Nothing will get your hair to stand on the back of your neck like a big bull elk belting out a magnificent bugle! If you have never chased screaming bulls, you are yet to experience one of the finest adventures that exist in the world of hunting.  

Elk are very vocal during the month of September, which is the peak of the rut. Most states are limited to archery or muzzleloader seasons during this time frame.  However, there are exceptions. October and November are also traditional elk hunting periods in the West. This time of the year some bulls go solo, thereby making them a real challenge to hunt.

Others join herds of cows and calves. These bulls are difficult to hunt, as there can be hundreds of sets of eyes and keen noses just looking for danger. Any elk hunt is a great elk hunt! If you are a beginner, we can help. If you’re an old pro just looking for that one monster bull, we can help you too!  Current hot spots are: New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Our Outfitter camps vary from 5-star lodges to remote wilderness tent camps.  The hunts typically are spot and stalk hunts that utilize trucks and all-terrain vehicles to get around the ranch. Well established ranch roads make these hunts much less physical than wilderness hunts. Our wilderness elk hunts mainly use horses to reach a tented camp deep in the heart of prime elk country. These camps are away from any road systems and offer a rugged adventure for those that are seeking not only a hunt but escape off the grid.

Either of these hunts can be successful. In some states private land, hunts offer the better opportunity at taking an elk. In some instances like the special draw units in New Mexico, some of the best elk hunts with the biggest bulls are on public land.

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Our Top Pick For Roosevelt Elk

* Hunt Beautiful, Coastal Oregon*
* Both Archery & Rifle Hunts*
* Our Top Pick For Affordable Roosevelt Elk*
* High Success on Bulls*

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Colorado Wilderness Elk Hunts

* Link’s Wild Safaris Certified Destination *
* Both Archery & Rifle Hunts *
* Our Top Pick For Affordable Colorado Elk *
* A True Adventure, Not Just A Hunt! *

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