You would be hard-pressed to find another species in North America is more sought after.  Mainly because whitetail populations are thriving in nearly all the states in the USA and most of the provinces in Canada have a hunt-able population of whitetails.   Because of this it seems every hunter is on a quest for a giant!  Hunting big whitetails in a free range environment is tough because they are very intelligent.  Giving hunters the slip year after year is how they get big.  There is a simple recipe to take a big buck.  First you have to hunt where big bucks live!  Second you should work with an outfitter so you can have them do all the necessary scouting that needs to take place.  That is where the Link’s Wild Safaris Hunting team steps in.  Just like a good outfitter can put you on good buck , we can put you with a great outfitter.  Hot trophy destinations include Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Montana. 

Hunts take place in the fall of the year, prime time is considered the rut period.  When you are thinking of trophy whitetail deer hunts think of Link’s Wild Safaris.



This is only a small sample of our whitetail hunting opportunities.  Please click the link below to contact our team or feel free to call Link’s Wild Safaris Manager Jim Riley, 7-days a week @ 406-580-4036


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