Plain and simple a Russian hunt is an adventure from start to finish!  All Link’s Wild Safaris consultants have made this adventure a reality.  This vast country offers some of the most unique hunting experiences available.  In fact the species and hunts available are way to numerous to list here so we have chosen a few of our top hunting areas to review.

We specialize in a few of the top regions withe first once being Kamchatka. When most adventure seekers think of a Russian hunt they think of Kamchatka. Kamchatka has been a hunting destination ever since it was first opened in the 90’s.  Ever since hunters from around the world have added Kamchatka to their hunting bucket list.  This is as wild of a region as you will ever find. The main species we hunt here are the Kamchatka brown bear, the Kamchatka bighorn sheep, the Okhotsk, Koryak snow sheep.

The next region we focus on is the Caucasus Mountains.  The main species here are the abundant Tur. Link’s Wild Safaris owner Jay Link spent an extensive amount of time hunting this region with one of our clients.  They had great success and an amazing adventure. Jay’s next Russian hunt will take place very soon! We will keep you posted as you may want to join him.

The newest area we are set to explore in 2014 is the Sajan or Sayan Mountains.  This area is an awful lot like British Columbia with multi-species hunts the norm.  Our 2014 exploratory trip will take us deep in the heart of the Sajan’s as we pursue Siberian Ibex, Siberian Bear, Maral Stag, and Roe Buck.  If you have been waiting to explore Russia now is your chance to go on a trip hosted by one of our professional hunting consultants.

If Russia is on your hunting dream list be sure and talk to one of our highly qualified consultants to plan your Russian adventure. Check back here for hunt details coming soon!



Kamchatka Brown Bear

This Kamchatka brown bear hunt is a must do for any serious big game hunter. Our team has hunted in Kamchatka numerous times with outstanding results.

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Siberian Mixed Bag Ibex Hunt

The Destination:   Only since 1991 have the former Soviet Union opened it’s doors to American hunters.  Russia is truly an outdoor persons dream.  The country is teaming with diverse ecosystems with their own unique fauna and flora.  The Russians have known for some...

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