The Destination:  

Only since 1991 have the former Soviet Union opened it’s doors to American hunters.  Russia is truly an outdoor persons dream.  The country is teaming with diverse ecosystems with their own unique fauna and flora.  The Russians have known for some time the importance of wildlife management thus allowing flourishing, hunt-able populations of game all over it’s vast and diverse land.

The region you will be hunting is called the Sajan Mountains . These mountains are very similar to the Rocky Mountains near Glacier National Park in Montana.  With a mixture of grass and spruce covered mountains. As you near the mountains trees give way to alpine valleys covered in the preferred feed of ibex and stags. This entire region teams with game species including Siberian Ibex, Maral Stag, Siberian Grizzly and Siberian Roe Buck. This is the perfect destination for a Siberian Ibex hunt!

The Hunt:

We offer this Siberian Ibex hunt from mid-September to mid-October. All hunters are guided 1×1.  The weather conditions are very similar to hunting the mountains of Montana, Colorado, or Wyoming this time of year.  You will be hunting remote areas surrounding a  large reservoir on the Jenisej River. You will reach the areas by utilizing very uniquely safe and powerful boats.  From there you will hike up each day to the prime hunting areas.  At times you and your guide will stay in a makeshift spike camp in the heart of the best areas.

Success rates on this hunt are very high for Siberian Ibex.  In fact the population is so good that each hunter is allowed 2 Ibex.  Success on Maral Stag, Bear, and Roe Buck is more difficult.  On average hunters in good shape and willing to do some hiking will take home 2-3 animals.

Our Outfitting Partner:

Our outfitting partner Ansten Ostbye has personally guided or hosted over 1500 hunters since 1999 in Russia.  He knows his way around and leaves nothing to chance on your hunts.  His vast experience allows him to maintain relationships with the best guides in the area.  We learned about Ansten from one of our Alaskan Master Guide friends who took 5 of his hunters to this very camp in 2012.  They had the time of their lives!  Team Wild Kingdom Safari Hunting is in the process of arranging a hunt for our own group in 2014.

Food & Lodging:

You will be staying in primitive trapper cabins.  Hunters who have done this hunt say they are much better than staying in tents..  Meals will be very basic but hearty to ensure you have the energy to hunt hard each day.

8-Day Hunt, Base Cost $6900.00 Plus Trophy Fees. Trophy fees are as follows: Siberian Ibex $2500.00, Siberian Brown Bear $2500.00, Maral Stag $3000.00, and Siberian Roe Deer $1000.00.
Late September. Waiting on final dates.
Professional service of a Link’s Wild Safaris Consultant, camp type accommodations, meals, transportation to camp from Abakan, all in-field transportation, export license for trophy/cites certificate, and import license for hunting rifle.
International airfare to Moscow, Moscow to Abakan flight, Visa, hotels if needed in transit, alcoholic beverages, and gratuities.
Fly to Moscow. From Moscow take domestic flight to the city of Abakan. From Abakan we travel 200KM by Vehicle, then a long boat ride to the best hunting areas.


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