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Alaska Coastal Black Bears!  Big Bear-Great Adventure- Best Value!

The Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska is one of the best areas in North America to harvest a true monster black bear.  Members of our team have been arranging hunts here for over 14 years.  We still use the same outfitter that goes to show you how consistent these hunts are year after year.

Every year success rates are near 100%.  Most bear will top the 6’6” mark square and skulls 19 plus inches.  Every year a bear near the 8-foot mark is taken on these hunts.

This is a strict spot and stalk hunt…No sitting on bait piles trying to swat bugs.

You will be staying on a boat, used to access the best hunting areas or we have an optional house available.

This is a true Alaskan adventure in every sense.  The area teams with wildlife such as Sitka black-tailed deer, wolves, whales, and bald eagles.  You’ll be setting shrimp and crab pots put which make for unforgettable meals.

This is a great hunt to share with old friends, but it’s also often described as the “ultimate parent/child hunt” because of all of the action and beautiful scenery.

Link’s Wild Safaris had openings in the spring (May/June) and fall (September) of 2017.

Call Jay Link @ 715-466-5333