Mule Deer Hunting


Trophy mule deer hunting is in very high demand.  Unlike the much more prolific Whitetail deer, which thrives in nearly every state, Mule deer have a very limited range that they call home.  One more factor that affects the demand on trophy Mule deer hunts is there are only a few places where you can shoot them in a high-fence.  So, in essence, if you want a trophy mule deer, you are going to have to put in your time and research the best areas.

Finding the best hunting area and outfitter for you is where the Link’s Wild Safaris professional team of consultants comes in! Not only do we have a passion for hunting big mule deer ourselves, but we also enjoy seeing our clients take that “bucket list” buck.

Several factors come into play when considering a trophy Mule deer hunt. One seems pretty simple, but more often than not, is overlooked.  You have to pursue big bucks where big bucks were taken in the past  Some of the best areas for Mule deer ten years ago have seen huge population decreases due to predation issues.  Wolves, mountain lions, and coyotes all factor to shrinking mule deer numbers.  Next up are ever changing weather conditions.  One harsh winter can see Mule deer populations plummet.  Consider this: when a big buck comes out of the rut, he is at his weakest state of the year making him susceptible to both the predators and the harsh weather.

How do we stack the odds in your favor?  Our team keeps a constant pulse on mule deer population, and where the best trophies have been taken.  We align with the best outfitters, watch for new private ranches to open up; and of course, we chase big mule deer ourselves!

If you want a good Mule deer hunt, expect to pay in the $3000-$4500 range.  For an exclusive private ranch, landowner tag, or Mexican hunt, expect to pay up to $12,000. Our top picks for trophy mule deer are Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Alberta,  pockets of South Dakota and Nebraska.  State’s such as New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, also offer outstanding hunts.  However, these hunts are very tough to draw.  Our focus is to get you on a hunt!  We can assist you if you have points in any state.

Contact one of our team members if you are ready to begin your search for a monster mulie!  Some of our current hunts are listed below.


This is only a small sample of our mule deer hunting opportunities.  Please click the link below to contact our team or feel free to call Link’s Wild Safaris directly @ 705.466.5333