Project Description

  • Chinook (king) salmon

  • Coho

  • White sturgeon

  • And many more!

The Destination

Wildlife abounds and the scenery is breathtaking! The chance to battle Chinook (King) Salmon up to 60 pounds, or the fighting Coho (Silver) in excess of 15 pounds awaits the ardent fisherman at this LWS Exclusive Fishing Lodge in British Columbia. There are plenty of Salmon, ready to be hooked and caught in the serenity and seclusion of un- crowded fishing grounds – just a short commute, 1 to 5 miles from the lodge.

In addition to phenomenal fishing you will also see an abundance of wildlife, including Whales, Bear, Deer, Bald Eagles, Otters and a Variety of Sea Birds. Comfortable rooms, with single or twin. Dining is family style and often includes the catch from the day, if de- sired. All fishing gear, including rain gear and boots is in- cluded.

Plan to fishing for a minimum of 8 hours per day, fully guided! When flying via a float plane, baggage space is limited so keep personal baggage to 25 pounds and avoid hard suitcases when packing. Items to bring: Polarized sunglasses, sunblock, camera, layered clothes to adjust to temperature changes throughout the day, (including fleece clothing, hooded sweatshirt, light weight under layers, wool & cotton socks, shorts, t-shirts, etc.) personal items, alcohol, headlamp or light weight flashlights.

Current Trips

Please contact our team via the form below or feel free to call Link’s Wild Safaris directly @ 715.466.5333