Project Description

  • Red deer

  • Roe deer

  • Fallow deer

  • Mouflon

  • Wild boar

  • Chamois

  • And many more!

The Destination

The largest country in western Europe, France hosts the larg- est number of foreign tourists in the world each year. Fa- mous for its foods, wines, culture, and its great cities, France has enjoyed over two thousand years of hunting history. France’s rich wildlife resource is enjoyed by many visiting sportsmen every year. Most of the common continental spe- cies are found in France in abundance. Including red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar. In the moun- tains there are also two types of chamois and Alpine Cham- ois. As in other countries hunting is done on private estates, where game is managed by professional game keepers and where guides follow age old traditions of scientific game management. Our hunts are conducted in three major re- gions. In the dense forests within a 100 mile radius of Paris, where we hunt for red deer, roe deer and wild boar. These

species may also be hunted in the scenic, mountain forests province of Lozere as well as in the beautiful Pyrenean Mountains, where we al- so offer hunts for the Pyrenean chamois. In the south spectacular duck hunting is also available.

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Current Trips

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